Video Chat Plugins for WordPress

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Working on websites within such a visually driven world has led us to doing some digging on Video Chat Plugins for WordPress. As we’re writing this, in the spirit of full disclosure, we have not actually used any of the following plugins/services. This is simply a list based on our research and findings thus-far (but we’ll probably update this post once more testing has occurred).

Without further ado…

Here Are 4 different Video Chat Solutions for WordPress.


Video Chat Plugin - AVChat
AVChat is a very sleek and modern looking video chat plugin. It has a myriad of features that can be utilized on your site for everything from simple live support to complete social media / forum / chatroom functionality. This plugin/service can be beautifully utilized on a very social website to drive user engagement and freedom on-site.

Some Features:

  • HD Quality Audio / Video (1080p)
  • Unlimited Simultaneous Users
  • Pay-Per-View (PPV) API
  • Public and Private Streams
  • Light and Dark Themes with Customization Abilities
  • Social Sign-in
  • Guest Chat Features
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Text Chat, File Sharing, and Emoticons
  • Recording Abilities
  • Extensive Admin Area
  • Show Ads and Sell Memberships
  • PRICE: $179+ (depending on configuration)

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TiviClick Video Chat Plugin
TiviClick believes that “customers today want face-to-face, personal contact” and they aim to provide just that. Adding a video chat plugin like this to your site can greatly increase sales, trust, and overall reputability. TiviClick integrates very cleanly onto your existing website interface for seamless functionality. This is a great plugin/service to use for live chat support, sales, and recruiting.

Some Features:

  • 30-Day Free Trial
  • Subscribed Users Can Chat with Non-Subscribed Users
  • Detailed Call History
  • Screen Sharing Capability
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Show or Hide Available “Agents” List
  • API and Installation Support
  • Save, Print, and Email Chat Text
  • Unlimited Chat Hours
  • PRICE: $6/mo.+ (depending on package)

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Skype Master

Skype Master Plugin
Skype Master is out there as THE solution for easy Skype integration on your WordPress website. Providing a variety of styles for displaying your Status, Call / Add / Chat Buttons, Profile Link, Voicemail Link, and File Sharing. If you’re a frequent user of Skype and you know your website visitors are too, then this is the plugin for you.

Some Features:

  • Free LITE Version
  • Button Display Selection Options
  • 2 Button Colors (Skype Blue or Skype Green)
  • Easy Shortcodes
  • Buttons Quickly Launch Skype Features (Quick Access to All that is Skype)
  • Multiple Integration Widgets
  • PRICE: $35 (1 Website), $49 (2-5 Websites), $69 (Unlimited Websites)

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VidTok Live Video Plugin
Vidtok is an elegantly designed resource for adding real time communications to a website. One of their goals is adding live video chats to any website or application in a few simple steps. Utilizing WordPress as their first third-party integration, they aim to provide all the tools necessary to easily integrate their video chat features into your website in cooperation with the latest themes.

Some Features:

  • Native Web Browser JavaScript API’s
  • 3 Available Modes for Easy Website Integration
  • Data Capture and Enhanced Usage Analytics
  • WordPress Integration (as a cornerstone of their development)
  • Highly Customizable
  • Elegant “Overlay” Modes
  • Mobile Optimized
  • PRICE: $20/mo.+ (depending on package)

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What’s your go-to video chat plugin?
(Let us know in the comments.)

Shout-out to WPMUDEV for their excellent compilation “Best WordPress Video Chat Plugins — Based on Your Needs“.
Check it out if you want even more video chat plugins. Boom!.