The Art of the Perfect Post

Have You Perfected the Elusive Art of Social Posting?

Social Media and Blog posting can be hard. There are so many goals attempting to be accomplished all at once. You want to reach your audience, convey your message accurately, inspire engagement, and get as many shares and likes as possible. With this in mind, I’ve combined the core concepts from some well experience social phenoms with my own experiences into a short outline for the perfect post. This is mostly centered around Google+ posting but is highly applicable to all fashions of social media and blog posting.

Video Overview

Key Components

  1. Title | Make it BOLD
    • Unique
    • Useful
    • Ultra-Specific
    • Urgent
  2. First Sentence
    • Gripping
    • Teaser
  3. Summary/Commentary/Body | What’s it About? What are Your Thoughts?
  4. Link | Shorten (,, etc…)
  5. Engagement | Prompt Them to Comment
  6. #hashtags | Make them Relevant and Purposeful
    • This Isn’t Twitter
  7. Media | High Resolution Visual Connection
  8. Credit | Where Credit’s Due
  9. Know Your Audience | Sharing is Caring… Creative Sharing is Engaging


  • Make it Bold with Asterisks
    • *Your Content Here* = Your Content Here
  • Make it Italic with Underscores
    • _Your Content Here_ = Your Content Here
  • Make it Strikethrough with Dashes
    • -Your Content Here- = Your Content Here
  • Make Primitive Bullets
    • Instead of…
      and This.
    • Try to…
      – Do this..
      – This..
      – and This.

Visual Reference


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