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Smart Sites

by Keda Industries

Tired of the hassle and long drawn-out process of getting a website up and live? We were too.
For that reason, we’ve created Keda Smart Sites to simplify and streamline the whole website creation process.

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Smart Entrepreneur

For the working professional needing a beautiful foothold to further grow your business using the online market.

Smart Company

For the smart company out there in need of an elegant and easy-to-navigate website for your clients to visit.

Smart Product

Coming Soon…

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Keda Smart Sites


Core Website Pages

Pre-loaded with all of the core pages a business or professional needs to showcase their brand and their message. No need to get caught up in worrying about all of the highly technical pages. No sense in fussing over needing “this” page or “that” page on your site. Simply implement the core of what a visitor is looking for so the online real estate foundation is laid. The foundation can always be built upon.

Search Engine Optimized

Keda Smart Sites are built to be Search Engine friendly. From core framework, to page structure and meta-information, we’ve loaded these sites with the base optimization any professional website should have in the current Internet age. Much like the core pages, we’ve created a firm foundation to continually build and grow on.


Smart Sites are built on the WordPress platform and are using one of the most modern and maintained themes out on the market. What does this mean? Flexibility for growth. Adjust color scheme, implement branding, upload fresh images, re-order page structure, and much more. The goal is to have a personalized site with out-of-the-box simplicity.

Fast Turn-Around Time

Do away with the long, drawn-out, website creation process. The months of back-and-forth communication (or lack thereof), the indecisive structuring dilemmas, the broken pages and fussy plugins. We’ve built Smart Sites to be fast and easy to implement. We gather the core business information, color scheme, images, and content, plug it all in to the site and then launch. A Smart Site can be live in as little as one business week (sometimes even sooner)!

Smart Site Pricing

Subject to our Smart Site Terms of Service.
Keda Smart Site

Smart People Doing Smart Things

Custom Color Scheme
Branding Implementation
Contact Area
Blogging Ability
*SEO Optimized
Service or Product Pages
Bio or “About” Page
*Plugins Available
Privacy Policy
Terms of Use
Domain Setup
Fast Delivery Time
*Discounted Hosting
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