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The ‘MyKeda Review System’ is comprised of three (3) different review areas consisting of:

  • Review Flow Managment
  • Directional Review Publisher
  • MyKeda’s Advanced Review System

The three review areas complete MyKeda’s full review system with abilities including review management, review response, and directional review intake as well as some other valuable businesses features. These main review related areas are best used grouped together with your MyKeda Site, although, each have their own valuable properties.

Review Flow Management System

It all starts here. Review Flow Management system is a reporting program that pulls all the online reviews of your business using your Business Name, Address, and Business Phone Number (NAP) to compiles all active online reviews for an easy overview of your business online. The review management dashboard is accessible via any internet connected device. The Review Managment Dashboard (Example shown below) allows for an easy overview of your businesses online reviews. All reviews are able to be responded to via the provided direct link. This allows for easy response to your clients review about your business.

Example Client: Lake Oswego Graphics | Review Flow Reporting Dashboard


[rev_slider ReviewFlow]


View Live online Report for Lake Oswego Graphics

Please Note: This product is available on our Al-la-carte menu page as an individual add-on!


Directional Review Publisher

This MyKeda site option allows your visitors to review your business on their chosen site. Allowing more choices to review your business on your clients preferred review sites increases the chance of overall reviews about your business. We only display the sites your business currently has ‘listings or citations’ with. Another option is to limit the review sites your customers can choose from directing them to specific sites, overall increasing reviews to the sites your business needs most(Example Provided Below).

Live Directional Review Publisher for Lake Oswego Graphics

Please Note: This product is available on the Al-la-carte menu page as an individual add-on. All ‘Premium MyKeda Sites’ receive this feature!


MyKeda’s Advanced Review System

Reviews systems have one common problem today, they ask whether your business is good or bad via 1-5 star ratings. This is not a solution to the business or the reviewer needs for improving the overall experience and better serving their clients in the future. Nor, does this accurately provide information on key identifying areas such as Support, Service, Prices and Products. To overcome the downfalls of typical 1-5 star rating system MyKeda provides four key areas (Support, Service, Prices and Products) in which the reviewer can individually rate. This advanced ability provides an overall better perspective for both the business and  prospective clients reading reviews on your MyKeda site.

For full article on MyKeda’s Advanced Review system (Click Here)

Please note: MyKeda’s Advanced Review System is only available to MyKeda users as it is directly programmed on each Mykeda business site (free or paid).




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