Local Reporting: Rank Checker

1386-business-1100022697-10182013Part of MyKeda’s base reporting system ‘Local Search Rank Checker‘ is one of the most important reporting tools MyKeda offers. This report allows for easy, month to month reporting, on a specified domains such as your MyKeda site URL (Example: http://mykeda.com/your-site/) or a specific Domain name. This is determined early on with the MyKeda Site package. If a domain name is provided for forwarding to your MyKeda site then the same url/domain name will be used for tracking and reporting for all reporting systems. This keeps reporting consistently accurate.


Key points:

  • All main search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo are tracked.
  • Tracks both ‘Organic’ and ‘Local’ results for your specific URL/Domain name.
  • View search results by specific locations.
  • View the visual changes in your search rankings
  • Compare growth month to month with detailed data
  • Track your competition on up to 4 competitors

Local Reporting Rank Checker Example

Local and Organic Ranking Report Example

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