MyKeda’s Rating System

MyKeda’s advanced rating system helps with eliminating faulty user reviews, and sets a new standard on how reviews are interpreted by business owners and the end users. The MyKeda Multi-Rating System, targets four main review areas, including Quality, Support, Price and Products/Services, allowing each review area its own 1-5 Star rating. MyKeda then uses a proven algorithm to average the four main review areas. This process creates the main displayed company star rating which displays within the ‘Your Rating’ section.

We at MyKeda, believe that the typical 1-5 Star Rating system is flawed and can cause your business more harm than good. Think of it this way, if your business is higher in price someone might rate your business at a 2 Star rating using the typical 1-5 Star Rating method,  just because your business is higher in price does not mean your company is a 2 star business. As you can see, the typical rating system needs some improvements.

Using MyKeda’s rating system, if your businesses was rated at 2 Stars (again) on Price and then a 5 Stars on Quality, 4 Stars on Support and a 4 Stars on Products/Services your business would have an overall combined MyKeda rating of 4 Stars. This provides a more accurate representation of your business rating and helps identify the areas of strength and areas that may need to be improved upon.

Below are a few screenshots and explanation of the review process.

Image of Rating Submission Form: Before Rating

Image of Rating Selection

Image of Rating Submission: Rating has been successfully sent

The below image is a visual example of a businesses star rating with the individual rating areas displayed. By hovering over ‘show details‘, allows the user to see what areas were rated individually.

After Rating Submission with hover over ‘show details’.

The above example helps identify that the Price might not be cheap but the Quality, Support and Product with their high ratings might be worth spending the extra money on.

Not only does MyKeda’s advanced Star Rating System help businesses individually identify areas for improvement, it also allows for a more accurate company rating increasing your businesses chance to retain those clients browsing your rating area.

Just another instance of Smart People Doing Smart Things.

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