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MyKeda Smart Cards

Getting your MyKeda Smart Card lets you be found by customers searching for local businesses in your area.


Our Local Search Engine Optimization and Management solution for businesses and business owners.

Website Services

Smart sites for smart people. Our templete or custom sites will help get you up and running while delivering the right message to your viewers.

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive,
but those who can best manage change.”

~ Charles Darwin ~


We value…

The entrepreneurial spirit which resides within each of us by driving confidently forward into a bolder future than has been previously seen. Armed with the knowledge that every individual has their own unique skills, qualifications, goals and desires; Keda continues to blur the lines between boss and employee, client and vendor, business and patron, to create a new vision.

We are harboring relationships, person to person, with the goal of creating a stronger future. Our vision is for you to achieve your vision. Together we succeed in a collaborative effort for growth.

Our vision is that Smart People Do Smart Things and you are clearly “smart people” for having landed on this page. Lastly, our vision is for you to be Powered by Keda.

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