"So... why is Keda here?" Great question!

We don’t like dumb things, because they’re.. well.. dumb!

In this spirit, we are here to move as far away from dumb things as possible.

If it’s dumb, it has to go, and this is just the way of the world. The dumb has no lasting power, so we are harboring relationships, person-to-person and business-to-business, to stop the dumb.

Our vision is a world free of dumb things…

We call it... Smart Things! ...get it..?

Sure, it may be a little obvious, but when combating the dumb, one must be smart.

We spend our days cultivating a community of Smart People in order to learn, grow, and develop the Smartest Things possible. There is no room for dumb at Keda.

We firmly believe that Smart People Do Smart Things, and you.. well you are clearly “smart people” for having landed on this page.

What We Do We create Smart Systems and Smart Services.
Everything we do is to create a smarter you!

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Daniel Vanderkin

Daniel Vanderkin